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Budo Kwai

Budo Kwai = The Way of Knighthood Society - 武道会 Budōkai, Society of the Martial Way

My Judo Diploma comes from Budokwai in Caracas (Venezuela)



Greetings ...

     This page is dedicated to one of my Passions which from the young age of teenager ... Judo and All Martial Arts.

                                         Judo Bronze

                                                         Bronze Medal I win 25-05-1980  

   Few years later after an unbreakable labor of  assistance, Study and dedication,  I got the Black Belt in Judo, in 1984.


    The friend and Judoka ... gain the Black belt at the same time of me ... visit Japan and KODOKAN (The first Judo DO-JO) in Japan. He also practice Judo there.

   I have no idea where is now such Belt ... but I have my Kimono around in my Kendo-gi ...

  • JU-DO is the Path of Smoothness. (DO=Path, JU=Gentleness)
  • KA-RA-TE-DO means ... The Path of the Empty Hand. (TE=Hand, KARA-empty)
  • KEN-DO means ... The Path of the Sword. (An Old meaning of S-WORD means Sacred Word)
  • AI-KI-DO means ... The Path of the Harmonious Way (KI=Vital Energy (KA in Egyptian), AI=Spirit).
  • IAI-DO ... the Path of the Sword with the Katana.
  • KYU-DO ... The Path of the Archery.

   I, Giovanni am particurarely attention to Symbols ... In fact, the Symbol of the TAO ... is today Obsolete. It changes in 2012 ... because the Interchange between Male-Female ... Ying-Yang ... Light-Darkness changes.

    This is the New Symbol ...

In Gold is this ...

   To Celebrate the "New Symbol of Tao" ... a book will be released



    For the Lovers of KA-RA-TE ... there are a "Return" of Daniel Sam (Sam in Japanese is the suffix to any name). I AM Giovanni SAM ...

    Some Producers in "Los Angeles" have established to produce ... Seasons to be watched on You Tube. I Watch Season 1 and 2 ... It is particularly satisfactory ... The Pat of the Martial Artist ... which is like a Saint ... but strike ... in the sense he faith ... but that are the Old Schema ...


   Today ... I do not practice any Physical Martial Art ... I practice the Art ... Master Bruce Lee propose in one of his last Movies ... What is that Art? ... I will tell you later ... Well ... "Is the Art to fight ... without to fight".

IP and Bruce Lee ...


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

Some Important Books ...

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